Galveston Main Wastewater Treatment Plant - BEI11-0014
Jeffrey Peters, CDM

In this video, Jeffrey Peters of CDM, discusses the project Galveston Main Wastewater Treatment Plant in the Innovation in Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants category. Located on a barrier island off the Texas Gulf coast, Galveston was devastated by Hurricane Ike in 2008. The extended storm surge caused a major portion of the public wastewater facilities including the 10-million-gallon-per-day Main Wastewater Treatment Plant to fail to function. Design of the $60 million project to rebuild the plant was completed in less than a year to help ensure federal block grant funding eligibility. The scope included modifying screening structures; rebuilding an influent lift station as a submersible pump station; rebuilding the grit-removal system; replacing aeration basins, air diffusers, and blowers with a sequencing batch reactor; converting the disinfection system to ultraviolet disinfection; constructing an intermediate pump station; and modifying the solids dewatering building. CDM constructed a 3D/4D model of the seven facilities using original drawings and field surveys. Intelligent modeling drove the integrated design process from front-end engineering and design through phased construction. ProjectWise facilitated management of more than 8,800 documents for 162 team members in 22 offices. Using 3D/4D models shortened client and regulatory review time by 25 percent and reduced design time by 30 percent.